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Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Badge
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Stargate Coasters - Set of 4
Stargate Coasters - Set of 4
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Carter: So you built one?
Orlin: Sort of. This won't dial multiple addresses and will only create a wormhole once and probably burn out.
Carter: And you ordered the materials online?

The lab rats at Area 51 are always looking for new applications for the alien technology being brought back to Earth by Stargate Command. Their latest innovation is the Stargate Coaster, a miniaturized stargate with its event horizon permanently fixed in place. It's the perfect solution for keeping your hot or cold drinks from damaging table surfaces — a problem we could only solve using advanced alien technology.

The Stargate Coaster Set comes with four mini stargates, each measuring 4.57" (11.6cm) across. The stargate design is screen accurate and was taken from the CGI files used to create the visual effects for Stargate SG-1. Each glyph and chevron is perfectly reproduced, hand cast in resin and hand painted in detail with weathering. The event horizon is semi-transparent blue with a rippled surface, just like the big 'gates.

So tip back a frosty one in honor of the brave men and women who every day risk it all to protect humanity. And when you set your drink down, do it in style with a Stargate Coaster just $29.95 for a set of four.

Note: Stargate Coasters are hand-painted sculptures and are not dishwasher safe. When necessary, please clean with a damp, clean cloth.

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Customer Reviews
Delightfully Nerdy 12/20/2011
Reviewed by: BPS from Buffalo, NY.
These are a lot of fun. It's always nice to show off your nerd cred in a practical way.
Biller 10/27/2009
Reviewed by: JANEESE s. from White Plains NY.
I LOVE these StarGate coasters!! I have one on my desk at work and at home. I get wonderful compliments and strange / quirky looks too. If you are a fan of the show, you would know the big deal of having one of these! Thanks for this constant reminder of the StarGate!! Janeese S.
Love 'em! 6/6/2009
Reviewed by: Valentine Angell from Minnesota.
I just got my coasters yesterday and I love them. They have good weight, size, and detail. The "Event Horizon" is transparent, and plays with the light as you move around it due to ripples. The only negative things I have to say about them, is that the "Event Horizon" scratches easily, the first time I put a mug on it it scratched. But for me, this isn't a deal breaker as I bought these to use them, not collect dust on a shelf. Awesome Stargate! Great Coasters!
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