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Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack
Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack

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Serenity and All Her Relatives in One Handy 33-Page Guide!

The Official Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack contains everything you ever wanted to know (and a lot of stuff you didn't even know there was to know) about the Firefly-class transport Serenity and the rich history of the Firefly-class design.

The Reference Pack contains 33 16” x 12” full-color pages documenting the design, systems and layout of Serenity, plus the rest of the Firefly-class designs (Serenity is a Series 3 Firefly). In addition to 10 pages focused on Serenity herself, designed by Geoffrey Mandel, Serenity graphics designer, and Timothy Earls, illustrator for Firefly and set designer for Serenity, you also get:

  • A full-page blueprint of Serenity's Flying Mule.
  • A full-page blueprint of Inara Serra's Shuttle.
  • A page of all of Serenity's builders’ plaques.
  • A page of warning labels and other signage.
  • Four pages with all the bridge computer screens.
  • A page with all of Serenity's door designs.
  • A copy of the confidential Allied Spacecraft Corp. memo outlining the development and introduction plan for the Series 1 Firefly.
  • A transcript from the do-it-yourself ship maintenance vidfeed, Boost Your Boat.
  • A page from the yard log of Austin's Salvage documenting the arrival of the Independent's Gunboat Cerberus.
  • The top-secret engineering blue book entry on the amazing new Series 4 Firefly, code-named Kestral.

And if that weren't enough, the Reference Pack also includes never-before-seen full-page drawings of the Series 1, 2 and 4  Firefly designs, plus the Cerberus military variant (which is based on the Series 3 airframe) created by Mr. Earls. Mr. Earls was one of Serenity's original designers and knows Firefly design better than almost anyone drawing breath.

To top it off, the Reference Pack includes an introduction by legendary author of Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card.
The Official Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack is the most complete documentation of the Firefly in the Verse, and is perfect for anyone interested in the details of Serenity, the shuttles, the mule or the history of the Firefly design.

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Customer Reviews
awesome 1/5/2014
Reviewed by: k.d from USA.
Ok, everything said that was positive about this pack was right. Really worth having for a fan. One design flaw: the "Forward Cross Section" on sheet 6 & the "Aft Cross Section" on sheet 7 should be moved so that they are on opposing sheets (so when you look at them, you could see the entire ship across two sheets instead of flipping back and fourth) cant believe you guys missed that one. Wish it could be changed!
Absolutely GORGEOUS! 9/3/2010
Reviewed by: Charles Waller from Tucson, AZ.
I love these... The artwork is fantastic, the writing adds even more to my Gaming campaigns, and it was assembled wonderfully!
Great Product 4/23/2010
Reviewed by: Brian Blank from Melbourne, Florida.
This is a great item. A very good in depth look at the 10th member of the Firefly/Serenity cast, Serenity herself . This is a great buy at a great price and an invaluable resource for both Fans of the series and Roleplayers alike. Great job !!!
Best in show 2/25/2010
Reviewed by: William T. Pace from Logan, Utah.
When Tim and others first conjured the Firefly class transport, they could not have known just how much it would live in all of us anymore than Geoff could know how much more ingrained it would become further still by his efforts. Tim struck the proverbial chord and Geoff makes grandeur accessible like prose in a paper cup. I already owned the limited edition blueprints, but I had to buy this. I had to and no one can tell me different.
Worth the Dough 12/14/2008
Reviewed by: Scott from Albuquerque, NM.
The deckplans are beautifully worked and will be useful for roleplaying gamers, or for the casual fan. There''s a nice history of the class near the back of the product, which is about the size of a normal artpad. The only downside is the spiral binding, which, while it makes it easy to flip pages, will quickly damage the lower edge of the pages. Still -- good work!
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