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Claudia - Warehouse 13 Animated Maquette #1
Claudia - Warehouse 13 Animated Maquette #1
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Geek Girl With Brass and Sass

She may not be the biggest artifact hunter, but our Claudia Animated Maquette packs all the punch of a full-on Tesla blast.

Our maquette captures the very essence of Warehouse 13's junior agent and ace techie:
  • Big brown eyes framed by magenta-streaked hair.
  • Brass-colored goggles.
  • Stylish black leather jacket.
  • Black jeans with a Tesla tucked in the back pocket.
  • High-tops and leather gloves.
  • Signature smirk.
From her handcuffs necklace to the custom-made buttons on her jacket to the creases in her jeans to the laces on her sneakers, our Claudia Animated Maquette is richly detailed and exquisitely hand painted. Claudia stands 6 inches tall on a "rusty" gear-shaped base that measures 4.625 inches in diameter and 0.875 inch high.

All her brio and cheekiness come together in this charming character statue that we're offering in a limited edition of 1,000 for $59.95 each.

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Customer Reviews
Claudia Figure 3/8/2013
Reviewed by: Brian Mah from My Chair.....
I got this figure at SDCC 2012. The figure is excellently well crafted. I got this figure signed by both the figure illustrator and the actress who portrays her. I will definitely buy again.
Yay! She's Here! 6/7/2012
Reviewed by: AMy Tiemann from NC.
She arrived at my house in four days. I was really happy about the quick delivery, as I had been expecting her to arrive in 7. She's a little wobbly on her base, her right foot doesn't quite touch all the way so she swivels a bit when her base is rotated. Otherwise, I think she was definitely worth the money!
Claudia has taken up residence 3/15/2012
Reviewed by: DavidS. Calef from Spofford, NH.
Mt favorite spunky geek has taken up residence at my home. Laudia Donovan from SyFy's Warehouse 13 arrived today complete with Tesla in her back pocket, magenta streak hair, classic Claudia smirk, handcuff necklace and brass goggles, I am delight she will be sharing my home.
Little Damned Agent! 2/2/2012
Reviewed by: Jeff Jacques from Ottawa, Canada.
Got this today, and I'm extremely impressed. With the incredibly detailed sculpt and super paint job, all of Claudia's awesomeness is packed into this little curvy package. The gear-wheel base is cool, and the box she comes in is a work of art itself. I discovered "Warehouse 13" this past summer and I was so glad to find this great 'adult collectible' at such a great price. Thanks, QMx!
My prized possession 2/1/2012
Reviewed by: Claudia Donovan Clone from Univille.
Got this think literally 20 minutes ago, and found it to be the most beautiful wonderful object I own. It is incredibly accurate, save for the larger than normal anime eyes and exaggerated curves (looks like her physical model was Fargo's Princess Claudia) and I love it so. It will be going with my Claudia Costume Card, and will be forever treasured. I love it. You'll love it. Worth the money.
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