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Star Trek Communications Badge Replica Set, Artisan Edition
Star Trek Communications Badge Replica Set, Artisan Edition
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Big Bang Theory Sheldon Q-Pop Figure
Trekkies Mirror Spock Q-Pop Figure
Trekkies Mirror Spock Q-Pop Figure
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Blue Sun Travel Poster Set - Series 1
Blue Sun Travel Poster Set - Series 1

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"Extremely cool. Masterfully done." - Joss Whedon

The Blue Sun Travel Company encourages citizens of the Alliance to explore the many amazing vistas that comprise our proud republic. It's a great, big 'Verse full of fabulous sights to see and exotic cultures to experience. Whether you partake of the ancient, noble tea ceremony at the Companion Guild House on Sihnon, behold the awesome canyons of glass and steel on Londinium, enjoy the many distractions of the Gateway District on Persephone, shed a tear for our fallen Alliance heroes at the Monument at Serenity Valley, or be among the first to experience the pure tranquility of Miranda, a multitude of planets full of unparalleled adventure awaits you.

And Blue Sun Travel is ready to take you there.

In an effort to help inspire future honored guests, Blue Sun Travel commissioned well-known 'Verse artist and illustrator Adam Levermore-Rich to create several original art prints showcasing some of the many locations we can take you to. In the past you would have only seen prints of this quality adorning the walls of your local Blue Sun Travel office, or proudly displayed in high-traffic areas like Persephone's Eavesdown Docks or along the bustling streets of Beaumonde. But now, thanks to our partnership with Blue Sun subsidiary, Quantum Mechanix Inc., you too can own a set of Blue Sun Travel Posters.

This officially licensed set contains 5 full-color, 17" x 22" prints on 100-pound, satin-finish paper, suitable for framing. Included are posters inviting you to travel to historic Serenity Valley, tranquil Miranda, exciting Persephone, beautiful Sihnon and inspiring Londinium.

At Blue Sun Travel, we bring The 'Verse to you.

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Customer Reviews
Fandom with class 3/18/2010
Reviewed by: Melanie from Pittsburgh.
I have been eyeing these posters for months and could not be happier with my purchase. As a Firefly fan I love the references but once were in my hands I appreciated them as great works of art. Now I just have to find worthy frames and get more wall space!
Business expense 10/1/2008
Reviewed by: Gina from San Francisco.
The style of these posters are similar to other framed artwork in my office. Since I had somewhere to hang them, I bought them. The owner of my company liked them so much, she told me to expense the framing costs (and she hadn''t seen the movie).
Beautiful Blue Sun Travel! 9/30/2008
Reviewed by: Maribeth from Pacifica.
I bought a set of these and they are gorgeous! They really brighten up the room and make me happy!
Going Beyond 9/30/2008
Reviewed by: Don from San Francisco.
Just looking at these things inspires a yearning to see what''s beyond the far horizon. A must-have in their own right, and especially for any fan of the best space adventure in history.
Art Even Your Non-Browncoat Friends & Family Will Admire 9/30/2008
Reviewed by: Laura from El Cerrito.
These posters are so beautiful I''ve gotten admiring comments on them from people who have never even heard of Firefly (they even helped me convince a couple people to check out the series) and when fellow Browncoats see them they get as covetous as Jayne Cobb eyeing what Mal got instead of a rain stick.
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