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Battlestar Galactica First Cylon War Painting Art Print
Battlestar Galactica First Cylon War Painting Art Print
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Adama's Rare and Elusive Painting of the First Cylon War

In the Battlestar Galactica saga, many new science-fiction icons were born. Perhaps the most elusive of these is the huge oil painting seen hanging in Admiral William Adama's quarters. Glimpsed in episodes going back to the beginning of the series, fans have long clamored for a closer look. But because the painting is a one-of-a-kind original oil, closer looks were limited to those lucky few with access to the set - that is, until now.

Through a special arrangement with Universal Studios, QMx has acquired the only digital image of the painting taken directly from the canvas, after the propmaster aged it, but before it hung on Adama's wall. This high-resolution archival scan documents every brushstroke, capturing the image exactly as it looked the day it was placed on the set.

Depicting the bloody landscape that was the First Cylon War, the painting has been faithfully reproduced in a plate-printed 17" x 22" lithograph on 100-pound, art-quality paper.

More astounding than this art print's detail and accuracy, though, is its price: Because we want to make sure every Battlestar fan who wants it can own this rare piece, the open-edition lithograph is available for just $14.95.

So say we all!

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Customer Reviews
Nice work, but ... 9/4/2012
Reviewed by: Scott from Tallinn, Estonia.
My only complaint about this is the size. I wanted something I could frame, a la the painting in Adama's quarters. But it's not any bigger than my computer screen. A nice piece of art, but still ...
An incredible effort at an affordable price 5/1/2011
Reviewed by: Spacejockey from New York.
Picked this up at the NYCC last year. The print is an excellent reproduction - kudos to QMX for their attention to detail. While the white border with its logos does detract from the dark, muted tones of the art, having a matte border made at any frame store to cover it may be the way to go. Given the production announcement/development of the prequel series "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome," it’s entirely possible we may see this scene (or something like it) realized on film . . .
Now I don't have to make it myself! 3/11/2010
Reviewed by: Chris from Illinois.
Ever since I first noticed the painting on Captain Adama's wall, I know that I wanted to have it myself. I really appreciate that Qmx has made it available, and at such an affordable price point. However, I cannot give it all 5 stars because I was hoping that it would be the same size as the painting in the show, but it was not. Still, it is fun to have, and I'm proud to have it in my collection.
Fantastic 9/8/2009
Reviewed by: Jordan Cannady from Swainsboro, GA.
I picked this up at the booth at Dragon*Con a few days ago and I'm amazed at the quality. I can't wait to get it framed and up on my wall for all to enjoy. You should also be proud of your staff, a great bunch of guys and ladies.
amazing 6/12/2009
Reviewed by: OLGA ARENILLAS from Basuri SPAIN.
I am so glad I bought this wonderfull piece, it is really well done, it is like own the real painting but cheaper and smaller.Thanks
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