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Star Trek Communications Badge Replica Set, Artisan Edition
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Trekkies Mirror Spock Q-Pop Figure
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Atlas of The Verse
Atlas of The Verse

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The Verse at Your Fingertips

With hundreds of terraformed planets and moons, the worlds of Firefly/Serenity are vast, varied and ever-changing. And a smart captain – a captain who expects to carve a living out of the black – needs to know a lot about those worlds. Which planets sell low? Which pay high? What are the local customs, cultures and laws? And what’s the best path to maximize profit, minimize risk and keep flying.

That's why the Trader's Guild Association has issued this comprehensive guide to the New Canaan run: The Atlas of The Verse, Volume One.

The New Canaan run is favored by captains flying light- and mid-bulk transports for its diverse markets and exports. And for those who must occasionally live on the raggedy edge, its varied levels of law enforcement are a plus, as well. The route described in the 26 full-color pages of the Atlas spans 11 planetary systems, crossing from The Core through The Border to The Rim and back.

More than just a collection of facts and maps, The Atlas of The Verse gives you the measure of a place, with a bonus page of content for each system.

Here's just some of the shiny info you get:
  • Introduction by Tim Minear, Executive Producer of Firefly.
  • Planetary maps, historical profiles, industries, satellites and exports for:
    • Londinium
    • Persephone
    • Beaumonde
    • Silverhold
    • Harvest (and Higgins’ Moon)
    • New Canaan (and Lilac)
    • Hera
    • Shadow
    • Ariel
    • Osiris
    • Sihnon
  • Currency and coinage used throughout The Verse.
  • Satellite maps of the Eavesdown Docks and Atoll City, Beaumonde.
  • Cutaway diagram of the FlashKill grenade favored by freelance security everywhere.
  • Higgins Industrial brochure on the best ceramics available in The Verse.
  • A copy of the Independents' tactical map used in the Battle of Serenity Valley.
  • The complete history of the Firefly Ship Works and its development timeline.
  • And much more!
The Atlas of The Verse comes in the same format as the Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack: printed on 100-pound 12" x 16" stock and spiral-bound. It's loaded with beautiful art, incredible renderings and detailed diagrams that really help bring The Verse to life. It's also fully compatible with the best-selling Map of The Verse and makes a great companion piece.

The Altas of The Verse: 26 pages of awesome for just $39.95.

Free: Print Your Own Browncoat Money!

Even Browncoats need to get paid. And during the war when soldiers of the Independent forces got paid, they got paid in Independent scrip.

Since Unification, the scrip no longer has any monetary value. However, Independent scrip (especially with the rations voucher still attached) demands a high price among collectors.

We know the odds of you seeing – except in the pages of the Atlas – one of these rare original bills are small. That's why we're making available precise replicas of the three most common bills. Just click here to download a Cortex Printable Data File (CPDF) and you can print your very own replica Browncoat money!

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Customer Reviews
Amazing 10/5/2010
Reviewed by: Eleanor from Houston, TX.
This is a beautifully crafted and well designed creation that feels like a very real atlas. It is full of little tidbits of information that really fill in the universe and features most of the well known planets visited in Firefly and Serenity. I expected it to be hardback but am not disappointed at all with the size and scope of the illustrations of both the planets and the extra pages. It was well worth the money and I can't wait for more.
Just Amazing 6/16/2010
Reviewed by: Gareth Flatters from UK.
If you love Firefly/Serenity. If you have want to know how much more we could have seen. If you wanna jump in your Registered Transport and follow the Canaan Run, the you HAVE to buy this. Beautifully presented, with loads of "facts and figures" about the 'Verse, and some of the best artwork Ive seen from this kind of publication. Seriously, Don't sit there thinking "Should I? Shouldn't I?" Just buy the Gorram thing...
So gorgeous it breaks my heart 4/24/2010
Reviewed by: Josh from The Great Metropolitan Rain Forest.
This is a must for any Firefly/Serenity fan. It is full of great information about the 'verse, beautifully rendered, and reminds me why I loved the show and how much I miss it. I will be reading it as I watch the show and movie again.
Sumptuous 2/25/2010
Reviewed by: William T. Pace from Logan, Utah.
I love the Atlas and I find myself wanting to buy a copy solely to damage it. I want one to keep in my car like a well loved road atlas, covered in fingerprints and soda rings; the corners bent down and the margins filled with notations, phone numbers, grocery lists and old receipts mixed with fast food napkins. A copy as properly weathered and well traveled as the New Canaan trade route. In short, I dream of a Firefly with a glove compartment and a cup holder, so keep these coming.
Amazing Collectable 2/21/2010
Reviewed by: Jim in St. Louis from St. Louis, MO.
The Atlas Of The Verse takes us deep into 11 worlds from Core to Rim. Learn about their cultures, governments, tech & their importance to the traders/smugglers making a living in the black. A high quality collectable from QMx and a network of Browncoats around the world. So detailed, it will provide hrs. of enjoyment to fans and non-fans. No matter how much you know about the Verse, you will learn about new devices, ships, cities and products. Have fun searching for hidden Easter Eggs.
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