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Serenity Architectural Cutaway Set
Serenity Architectural Cutaway Set
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Ever Sail in a Firefly?

Making of The Serenity Cutaways

Watch this YouTube video to learn all about the painstakingly detailed process creator John R. Mullaney went through to create the Serenity Cutaways (double-click to view video on YouTube):

To download a FREE printable PDF of John R. Mullaney's Serenity sketchbook: Click here for US Letter size or click here for A4 size.

To see more of John's amazing work, go to

This is Serenity, and she's the smoothest ride from here to Boros. A Firefly-class transport of some experience, both legal and otherwise. A home to her crew and passengers, them as feel the need to be free.

Now you can walk the corridors of the most famous ship in The Verse.

Three years in the making, the Serenity Architectural Cutaways contain everything you ever wanted to know or see of Serenity, her shuttles and the Flying Mule. And we mean everything. The cutaways are presented on four extra-large, 32" x 24" full-color lithographs, suitable for framing or just drooling over hour after hour. The hand-painted cutaways are packed with literally thousands of never-before-seen elements of the Firefly-class transport's design.

In addition to all the technical detail exposed in these 3-D cutaways, every inch of Serenity is decorated with the possessions of her crew. You'll find hundreds of personal effects throughout the ship - from Jayne's Vera to Inara's favorite incense holder - it's all here, in meticulously hand-painted detail.

But don't take our word for it. Click on the images above to get up close and personal with these richly rendered cutaways using our pan-and-zoom gallery tool.

The Serenity Architectural Cutaways were created by well-known sci-fi technical illustrator John R. Mullaney, with background and callouts by Serenity graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel (and the able help of the Serenity Brain Trust). These are the most authoritative and complete renderings of Serenity ever made.

Get yourself a set for just $39.95, and the next time someone asks if you've ever sailed in a Firefly, you can say, "Gorram right, I have!"

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Customer Reviews
Excellent! 3/19/2011
Reviewed by: Joel Janssen from Canyon Lake, TX, USA.
I love this set! It has taken it's rightful place in my collection and I can't wait to get some poster frames for these prints. They are much larger and detailed than the blueprint set, which is just as cool. If you are a Browncoat these belong in your collection.
What amazing detail!! 11/10/2010
Reviewed by: Dorian from Manchester.
I knew I wanted a set - even before watching the video showing the hard work of their creation. All I can say is wow! It has all been worthwhile! I was lucky enough to pick up an early set of artist proofs which are numbered by the artist himself. You can truely see where the three years of work have been spent. The images are immensely detailed, and can be looked at for hours - always finding something different. Frames are on order to put these great works of art up on display! Top work John!
Mr 11/9/2010
Reviewed by: Simon Balcon from London, UK.
That man is going to make me move. I need wall space! Having recently acquired his magnificent drawings of Serenity, the shuttles and the mule. The dedication that have gone into these artworks is as inspired if Mal himself were able to pick up a brush and illustrate the ship that gave him a home to love. There is no stone left unturned, you can examine them for hours, and find new quirks and details each time you look or show them off to a fellow Browncoat. Bit like The Usual Supects, really!
Very proud of a good friend 11/4/2010
Reviewed by: Christina from London, Kentucky, United States.
Dedication in whatever one does is important. Fortitude and perseverance equally so. But none of that will pay off if you don't love what you do. John has all of that in spades. He spent a tremendous amount of time on this project, with the care and attention to detail that makes him worthy of the positive reviews he is receiving on this project. Wonderfully detailed and a piece for John to be proud of.
Beautiful quality on a grand scale 10/26/2010
Reviewed by: Brian from Ireland.
John Mullaney may have spent three years on this project, but the painstaking care taken with each image has clearly paid dividends. The frankly enormous prints are of great quality, with plenty of delightful details contained within. One concern I had when purchasing was that the item number bubbles would detract from the image, but thankfully the labelling system proved unobtrusive and was not particularly noticeable at distance. Top product and great for every Browncoat out there.
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