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River Tam - Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette #1
River Tam - Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette #1

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River Kicks Ass

Joss Whedon is known for the post-modern deconstruction of myth: for genre bending that mixes humor, horror, sci-fi and drama to great effect; and for some of the cleverest dialog in entertainment. But above all, Joss is best known for creating babes who kick ass. And no Whedonverse character kicks more ass than River Tam.

What Makes a Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette Different?

The Big Damn Heroes line of maquettes feature more mature animé-style designs, including realistic wardrobe, props and settings, as well as thematically matched, detailed bases.

Significantly larger than our best-selling Little Damn Heroes the typical LDH maquette is less than 4.5 inches tall while the BDH maquettes start at more than 6 inches tall the new line takes a more serious approach to its subject matter, offering a sexier, more heroic take on our Big Damn Heroes.

QMx has dedicated our first Big Damn Heroes animated maquette to her awesomeness.

River is posed in the midst of battle with the Reavers, displaying a dancer's grace with a look (and a copious spattering of her enemies' blood) that shows she means business. Great pains were taken to study both River's prop sword and axe as well as her dress and boots, all of which are re-created in precise detail.

Even the uniquely sculpted, highly detailed base evokes the atmosphere of Whedon's Firefly and Serenity Verse, complementing the style and stance of River herself.

Each River Tam maquette is cast in polystone resin and hand painted, reflecting the high standards you've come to expect from a QMx maquette. River measures 6" tall by 6" wide without the base. The base measures 5" x 7" x 1".

The River Tam Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette is being offered in an edition of 1,500 for just $69.95.

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Customer Reviews
most incredible piece I own 4/7/2014
Reviewed by: mark hurrell from long island, NY.
I like the other comment or was fortunate to get one on ebay after searching for quite sometime. It cost me a pretty penny at 200$ but wow was it worth it. Statue looks exactly like pictures on box I cant wait to get the cut away serenity in July. Best advice to broadcasts is get this piece if you can swing the price tag. Also if your a fan buy this stuff when it first comes out otherwise be prepared to spend a fortune later.
Mr 10/31/2013
Reviewed by: Alex from New Zealand.
Managed to get one on ebay. I have been looking for one for 1 and a half years. Absolutely love it!! Like Kaylee maquette well made, and well captured. Looking forward to getting the Zoe maquette when it is released. Every body may the verse treat you well!!
Ms. 5/29/2011
Reviewed by: Chantelle Stewart from Right now...Iraq.
I loved this figurine! I had it out, along with the Serenity ornament, all year long while I was deployed. Only problem I'm having is how to get it back into the box so I can send it home. A little help with that, please?
Couldn't be happier 2/5/2011
Reviewed by: Dom from Texas.
An absolutely amazing piece.Very heavy base and beautifully detailed. Box arrived in great condition and there was no damage at all to the pieces. If you haven't picked one of these up yet, do it before they're gone! Great addition to any collection and a must have for any fan of Firefly!
Very Happy With This 10/23/2010
Reviewed by: Jesse from Canada.
I ordered this and it arrived in no time despite having to cross the border, which was awesome. I opened it and it was perfect, no damage or anything. The base is weighty and sturdy and the figurine itself is beautifully painted and looks great. Simple as pie to assemble (just fit the figurine into the base). All in all I'm extremely happy with this product. Highly recommended.
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