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Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Master Series Statue
Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Master Series Statue
Romulan Bird-of-Prey Plush
Romulan Bird-of-Prey Plush
Trekkies Kirk Q-Pop Figure
Trekkies Kirk Q-Pop Figure
1. So Say We All T-Shirt
2. Captain Hammer Replica T-Shirt
3. Battlestar Galactica Phoenix Key Chain

Product Information

I have lots of fantastic ideas for products. Who should I e-mail?

We love to hear great ideas! Send an e-mail message to
Keep in mind that if you send us an idea, we can’t guarantee we'll use it or that the evil geniuses in QMx Labs aren't already hard at work on the very same idea. One way or another, though, you will hear back from us.

I want to order a T-shirt, but don’t know what size to buy.
  • Most of our unisex T-shirts are printed on a 6.1 oz. Gildan or similar-sized shirt.
  • Our ladies T-shirts are primarily 6.1 oz. Gildan, as well, but in a women’s cut.
  • Our juniors T-shirts are primarily 4.5 oz. Tultex with a traditional fashion fit.
For details, see our QMx T-Shirt Size Charts.

Why don’t you offer bigger or smaller sizes?

We’re limited to what is available in the market. S – 2XL in men’s, ladies and juniors are the most readily available sizes. XS, 3XL and up are harder – and sometimes impossible – to get.

Um, I just don’t get that shirt! What does it mean?

We believe in “Discreet Geek.” We love to make shirts that are a nod and a wink to insider geeks, but are still artistic and appealing to everyone else.

Will you offer an item again that's listed as out of stock?

If an item is just out of stock, then odds are we’re replenishing our supply. We manufacture all of the items you see on this website, so there will be occasional delays between when we sell the last item in stock and when the next batch of products is shipped to our warehouse.

If a product page says “Edition Sold Out” on a limited-edition item, we will not make that specific product again.

When will a product be available that is listed as “Coming Soon”?

We are constantly developing new products. We often won’t have release dates or price points announced until the product is ready for sale. The best way to get the latest information on upcoming products is to sign up for the QMx Insider. Our newsletter offers details about all of our projects – even the super-secret ones!

If I order a product that requires electricity, will it operate outside the U.S.?

All products requiring electronics, unless otherwise stated, operate using standard U.S. 120V current. If your voltage is different, you must supply the appropriate plug adapter and power converter.

If I purchase a QMx Artisan model, is there a warranty?

Yes. Quantum Mechanix offers a limited warranty. All models come with a 90-day limited warranty that covers defects in materials, craftsmanship, and components. Additionally, please be aware, the warranty period begins on the date of shipment, so prompt communication is important to protect your warranty. The customer will be responsible for return shipping, the warranty work will be performed at no additional cost to you and the model returned. This will not extend the warranty period.

For models with electronic kits: In addition to the 90-day limited warranty above, these models are also covered by a limited 90-day electronics warranty. This includes the electronics for main controller boards.* These effects include gravity rotor effects, strobes, “hard burn,” etc.

For repairs to the four-channel remote board,** we offer a 30-day warranty for repair/replacement.

In the event of damage during shipment, please contact us immediately. We will do our very best to assist in the claims process, but be aware, our warranty does not cover damage caused by shipping.

To comply with your warranty, all Artisan products customers must retain all of the original packaging and materials, in the event a return of the product is necessary. Failure to retain the packaging will result in additional costs to the customer.

If, at any time, after the expiration of your warranty, you experience any issues with your model, we are happy to offer, as a service to our customers, the ability to utilize the services of our highly skilled Artisan team for any repairs or modifications at the current bench labor rate, including any and all necessary parts. We will provide you with an estimate of cost and require written approval before we would begin any post-warranty work.

All repair work will include, at no extra charge, a full inspection and tune-up of any surface irregularities.

Note: Any alteration of the replica by the customer, including the opening or removal of any electronic parts, voids this warranty.

* Circuit board developed and built in-house by QMx FX Cinema Arts.
** Circuit board developed and built by Logisys Corp.