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Kaylee - Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette #2
Kaylee - Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette #2

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Kaylee's Strawberry Delight

Kaywinnit Lee Frye never met a strawberry she didn't want to savor. So in the first episode of Firefly, when Shepherd Book offered her a small box of the crimson fruit as partial payment for his passage on Serenity, her reaction was positively Pavlovian.

What Makes a Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette Different?

The Big Damn Heroes line of maquettes feature more mature animé-style designs, including realistic wardrobe, props and settings, as well as thematically matched, detailed bases.

Significantly larger than our best-selling Little Damn Heroes, the typical LDH maquette is less than 4.5 inches tall while the BDH maquettes start at more than 6 inches tall. The new line takes a more serious approach to its subject matter, offering a sexier, more heroic version.

QMx has captured that quintessential moment of sheer bliss in the second of our series of Big Damn Heroes
animated maquettes.

Kaylee, dressed in olive-drab bib overalls and flowered long-sleeve tee, is perched on an engine, savoring the fruit of her negotiations. Beside her is the box containing the strawberries she received from Book.

It's a classic moment, sculpted in precise detail.

Each Kaylee maquette is cast in polystone resin and hand painted, reflecting the high standards you've come to expect from QMx. The entire statue measures approximately 4.3" w x 5.5" h x 4.3" d.

The Kaylee Big Damn Heroes Animated Maquette is being offered in an edition of 1,500 for just $59.95.

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Customer Reviews
Great craftsmenship 5/2/2013
Reviewed by: Alexander Cudworth from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Received figure the other day, absolutely amazed in the detail gone into this, you see pictures on the websites and think it looks good, but once you unwrapped it and gaze upon it with your own eyes, do you truely appreciate the work that has gone into making such a exquisite maquette. Thankyou QMx.
=] 12/10/2012
Reviewed by: Kenny Nguyen from Denver, CO.
Maquette looks amazing sitting next to my Claudia maquette! QmX always does an awesome job. Sadly no rocket ship though... Did two separate orders just to try to get one.
Awesome figure, needs a bit of stability 7/11/2012
Reviewed by: Andrew from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
First off, I love this figure, it is easily one of my all time favorite from the Firefly universe. The only issue I have with it is that there is no way to fix the Kaylee figure to her base, and so she has a tendency to slip off from time to time as my desk gets jostled. A simple pin like on the River Tam Big Damn Hero I think would have been perfect for Kaylee as well.
stunning figure! 3/9/2012
Reviewed by: Corrie from Maryland.
I'm quite figure-obsessed, so when I saw this Kaylee statue I had to have it! Kaylee is my favorite character in Firefly/Serenity and this moment in the first episode is so perfectly captured in this maquette-- a must buy! The weight and quality of this figure is the best I've ever owned. Though it's a bit tricky to get her to sit on the engine, once she's placed, it looks so right. The detailing absolutely stunning. I cannot wait for more in this series!
Beautiful Statue, One Small Flaw... 11/5/2011
Reviewed by: Osty from Iowa.
I'm thrilled beyond belief that I have a Kaylee statue! My only complaint is that she sits loose on the base with no pin or magnet to support her. The base is rounded, so she seems pretty precarious on there and could easily fall. On the advice of my statue dealer I stuck a small piece of double stick tape under her which seems to be doing the trick, but I would have liked something to attach her to. Aside from that, this statue is fantastic! Can't wait to see the next one!
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