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Jayne Cobb Replica Leather Wrist Strap
Jayne Cobb Replica Leather Wrist Strap
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The Last Word in Stylish Personal Restraints

It’s here: the first and only screen-accurate replica of Jayne Cobb’s wrist strap – just like the first version of the wrist strap worn by actor Adam Baldwin, who played the rogue mercenary in the TV series, Firefly.

Special Tips from Master Prop Artisan Karl Derrick

Right out of the box, your new Jayne Cobb Replica Leather Wrist Strap will seem a little stiff and unyielding -- but don't worry, it's supposed to be that way. 

To make your sturdy leather strap buttery soft,
hold the wrist strap with the inside facing you, fold it in half and roll it between the palms of your hands. The fold should move along the length of the strap as you rub your hands together.

What you're doing is bending the leather against itself. Rolling, twisting and bending will relax it. For a custom fit, try dipping the wrist strap in warm water and wearing until dry.

Your Jayne Cobb Replica Leather Wrist Strap will become supple but remain strong.

                                          -- Karl Derrick

Constructed entirely from full grain, oak-tanned steerhide, the strap features nickel-plated steel hardware and rivets that match those on the original prop. Each strap is cut and finished and the hardware fitted by hand to ensure the replica will stand up to a lifetime of rugged use, and is ideal as an essential Jayne costume accessory or as a display piece in its own right.

The strap is more than 20 inches long and is based on the type of restraint strap used to secure psychiatric patients and troublesome prisoners. The length is necessary in order to wrap once around the wrist before passing through the buckles. This ensures any stresses on the strap are taken on the leather and not the buckles. 

In honor of its design roots, the Jayne wrist strap is presented in a custom printed linen bag, supplied by ”Blue Sun Restraint Solutions.”

This fine leather replica has been meticulously researched and re-created by Karl Derrick, the leading Firefly props expert working in the industry today.

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Customer Reviews
Great with Troublemakers T-shirt! 7/5/2014
Reviewed by: Kellye from SC.
Love the quality of the wrist strap and made a perfect gift in combination with the Troublemakers T-shirt! Absolutely awesome!!!
More 10/26/2013
Reviewed by: Scott from SC.
Will you ever make any more?
Great Replica 1/5/2012
Reviewed by: Michael Meagher from Texas.
I purchased along with the Troublemaker T-Shirt. This is dead on perfect and it came with instructions how to store and care for the product. Real leather and look great.
Aim to misbehave! 9/21/2011
Reviewed by: Mark Denstedt from Niagara Falls Canada.
The wrist strap is very cool!! Looks great either as a display piece alongside the bag or wearing it. Looks exactly like the original as far as I can tell. A fun addition to any Firefly/Serenity collection. Thinking about getting another one as a display item only. I'll be wearing this one! Only wore it for a day but have had several people comment on the uniqueness of it and ask where I got it.
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