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Firefly 10th Anniversary Celebration Art Print
Firefly 10th Anniversary Celebration Art Print
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Celebrate a Decade of Iconoclasm

September 20, 2002. That was the day that the American space western TV series Firefly premiered on the Fox network, bringing to life the adventures of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his renegade crew aboard the spaceship Serenity.

Despite the TV series' short life span of just 14 episodes, the love for this iconic franchise from Joss Whedon continues to grow, boasting more fans each day. A decade later, Firefly is a worldwide phenomenon, achieving almost legendary status among people who love and create sci fi.

To celebrate Firefly's 10th anniversary, we're thrilled to present an homage from graphic designer Jeff Halsey. Jeff, a die-hard Firefly fan from Fresno, California, created this design after watching the TV series for the dozenth time.

"[Firefly] taps into the themes of freedom and creating a family that really resonate with me," says Jeff. "The show may have been short-lived, but The Verse will live on. I feel this poster is a reminder of that feeling and is a love letter to my favorite show."

Jeff made the minimalist-style poster for himself, but tweeted it to us at QMx. CEO Andy Gore was so impressed with the work, he knew QMx had to share it with other Firefly fans.

This beautifully stark image of Serenity's silhouette against a golden moon with a quote from our favorite captain is yours to savor. Our Firefly 10th Anniversary Celebration lithograph is the same size as a movie one-sheet - measuring 27" x 40" - and is printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper.

Pay tribute to your favorite outlaws and the ship that will keep them flying for $19.95.

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Customer Reviews
so beautiful 4/7/2014
Reviewed by: mark hurrell from long island, NY.
First off I had no idea how large this is, yes it is a bit big....but its also a bit perfect lol... so gorgeous I will make this the backdrop for my firefly collection. Well made and hits the core theme of the show. Will look amazing framed. Something I think even Mr.Whedon would be proud of :)
Looks Amazing 1/22/2013
Reviewed by: Joe from Edmonds, WA.
Everything about my ordering experience was positive. I received this 2 days after I ordered and it looks amazing. This print looks so much better than the picture gives it credit for. It is also a great size and really makes a statement in the room. I love this print and the customer service I got from QMX. I would buy this again and again.
AWESOME 1/17/2013
Reviewed by: Timothy Lavelle from Sydney, Australia.
I just received my poster, arrived earlier than expected and I can't wait to put this in a frame!! An amazing poster, an amazing tribute, to an amazing show!!!
customer 10/17/2012
Reviewed by: Sarah Hawkins from Wisconsin.
Just got mine today! The print is absolutely beautiful. I did pay close attention to the size as the item is sold as an art print, which it certainly is, but it is really big-movie poster big. I wish it was offered in a smaller size as I want to hang it in my home and posters are a bit big! I will certainly buy it again if offered in a smaller size. Just gorgeous.
Beautiful design and print. 10/10/2012
Reviewed by: Paul Schaffner from Concord, CA.
Gorgeous design plus nice print plus anything "Firefly" equals one hell of a shiny wall beautifier.
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