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Farnsworth Artisan Replica, Season One
Farnsworth Artisan Replica, Season One
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The Warehouse Is Calling!

For select Secret Service agents and individuals with impeccable taste, this limited-edition, screen-accurate Farnsworth Artisan Replica from Season One of the hit Syfy series, Warehouse 13, is a definite must-have.

When we say screen accurate, we're not kidding. This absolutely faithful replica of the famed communications device was created using the actual hero Farnsworth from the TV series. We collaborated closely with the Warehouse 13 production team, gathering the same components, and applying the same paint patterning and weathering. The show's propmaster personally reviewed and approved this replica, certifying it as an exact re-creation of the hero prop used in Season One.

The QMx Season One Farnsworth Artisan Replica features:
  • An authentic metal case from the supplier of the original Farnsworth.
  • A marbled paint effect, applied by hand, in the style of the original prop.
  • A 2 mm-thick, solid-brass faceplate.
  • Faceplate layout, lettering and markings scanned from the original prop.
  • Precise viewscreen dimensions, scanned from the original.
  • Red light dome, jacks and black knob sourced from the original suppliers.
  • Center dial knob and black push button are first generation castings of the originals.
  • Screen-accurate circular speaker grill and rectangular letterbox cutouts.
Our Farnsworth comes wrapped in a custom canvas cinch bag and packed in a handmade wooden crate. This splendid Season One Artisan Replica is being offered in a House Edition of just 100 pieces for $299.95 each.

There's no better way to "stay in touch" if Artie, Pete, Myka, Claudia or Mrs. Frederic happen to call!


All orders include mandatory insurance already factored into the shipping charge. QMx is not responsible for any tariffs or import fees levied on international shipments. We highly recommend our international customers factor in any local customs fees that might be applied at the product's destination.

A restocking fee of 20 percent may be deducted from the refund of a QMx Artisan product that is returned and has not incurred material damage and is not missing components included in the original shipment. Note that shipping costs may not be refunded.

For a product that has been damaged after delivery, you may be charged an additional restocking fee of either 25 percent or 50 percent of the original purchase price based on the severity of the damage.

Average Rating review
Customer Reviews
does it do anything? 5/30/2011
Reviewed by: Tom from United States.
does the light come on? If you push the button does it make the ringing sound?
Farnsworth 4/27/2011
Reviewed by: Xboxbydegrees from USA.
Can you make one of these so that you can insert your cell phone inside? That way you would have a working Farnsworth. You could make an iPhone and BB version and include a 'Farnsworth' ring tone.
If this worked...... 1/31/2011
Reviewed by: Anonymous from Stokes County, South Dakota ;).
This thing makes you want it to work. The attention to detail is spectacular. can't wait to see what else QMX has up their sleeves. Can almost hear the ring........
Awesome Replica 1/31/2011
Reviewed by: Daniel Curtis from Waterloo, IL.
I agree with the other two reviews in the fact that it looks so real, and feels pretty that you wish it would work. I would have given it a five but since the warehouse 13 crate that came with it was in pieces it gets four. However I did not order the crate so it wasn't that big of an issue for me.
QMx Does It Again! 1/28/2011
Reviewed by: Gary Simmons from Tallahassee.
The work is outstanding, and great attention was paid to detail. I especially liked the packaging. Now if I can just figure out a way to make it work. Cheers!
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