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Enterprise Refit Artisan Replica
Enterprise Refit Artisan Replica

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An Almost Totally New Enterprise

She's arguably the most famous space-exploration vessel ever: the iconic Constitution-class starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. Launched in 2245, she underwent a refit in 2270 and today can be yours as a breathtaking Artisan Replica from QMx.

Our most ambitious work to date, this 1:350 scale filming-quality miniature re-creates perfectly the starship featured in the first three Star Trek motion pictures. We are also offering the NCC-1701-A variant, which appeared in the Star Trek IV, V and VI.

Dimensions & Details

The QMx Enterprise Refit measures 34.5 inches long and 7 inches high (14 inches high when mounted on the base). And it includes more features, more visual effects, more detailed painting than any licensed ship replica from any major sci-fi movie or TV show to date.

Design features include:
  • Decorated VIP lounge complete with crew members.
  • Botanical garden with foliage and people.
  • Illuminated cargo/landing bay, including shuttles and work bees.
  • An individually numbered, brass dedication plaque on a mirrored base.
Semi-transparent pearlescent paint is applied by hand in overlapping layers using multiple masks to create an Aztec pattern on the hull.

Custom Electronics & Lighting

Custom-built electronics in the QMx Enterprise Refit control a complex lighting system that sports a total of 130 LEDs, including:
  • Blue LEDs for warp-engine illumination.
  • Warm white LEDs for interiors.
  • Blinking formation lights.
  • Anti-collision lights that flash in a pulse-strobe pattern.
  • An active deflector dish that ramps up to an amber glow and brightens to blue when warp engines are engaged.
  • Firing photon torpedoes that flash red and white.
All lighting systems are operated by a four-function remote control and are powered by a 12-volt AC/DC transformer.

Hand Made in the U.S.A.

It takes our artisans about 100 hours to hand assemble the styrene, resin, acrylic, brass and MDF parts that go into this legendary starship, hand applying 26 different paints, and adding special decals and hand-painted stencils.

As with all QMx Artisan replicas, the Enterprise Refit is made to order in the U.S. Not only does this allow us to offer you a replica of great intricacy and beauty, it also allows you to make your Enterprise Refit uniquely your own.

Design Choices

We are offering two standard variants on the Enterprise Refit:
  • The Enterprise NCC-1701-A variant, which features a different paint master and details, plus some minor body modifications to match the filming miniature used in Star Trek IV through VI. There is no additional change for the Enterprise NCC-1701-A variant.
  • The Wrath of Khan Battle Damage variant, which adds both a lighting package and modifications to the model to simulate the damage inflicted on the Enterprise during her battle with the U.S.S. Reliant in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The Wrath of Khan Battle Damage variant costs an additional $250.
To see images of the variants, please view the photo gallery above. To see them in action, play the video to the right.

QMx Concierge Service

Customers purchasing the Enterprise Refit Artisan Replica are eligible for all the benefits of the QMx Concierge Service, including a personal concierge to help you with your order and any customization requests.

If you have a customization request, please make note of it in the "Comments" field on the third page that appears when you check out. A concierge will contact you to discuss your ideas and see what's possible. Please note that customizations may result in extended build time and additional costs.

Although every Artisan replica we make is, in a real sense, an edition of one, we understand having an edition number is very important to collectors. That's why we've set the edition size for U.S.S. Enterprise Refit at 250
ships total. Each hand-built starship is $6,995 (add $250 for the Wrath of Khan Battle Damage variant).

Depending on the current backlog in build orders, customers can expect orders to take up to 90 days to be fulfilled once their build begins. The speed with which your build will start will depend on the number of customers ahead of you in the build queue.

When you purchase an item as a preorder, funds are collected immediately and placed into escrow until your replica is ready to ship. You will be notified when the creation of your replica is about to begin. If you decide to cancel your order, you are entitled to a full refund up to that point. If you change your mind about your Enterprise Refit before we start construction on it, please let us know, and we will make your replica available to another customer and refund your money.

Edition numbers will be issued based on when orders are placed.

ALL ARTISAN REPLICA ORDERS MUST SHIP VIA FEDEX EXPRESS SERVICES ONLY. If you choose any FedEx Ground service (Ground or SmartPost), we will contact you to collect additional funds to accommodate an appropriate shipping method.

All orders include mandatory insurance already factored into the shipping charge. QMx is not responsible for any tariffs or import fees levied on international shipments. We highly recommend our international customers factor in any local customs fees that might be applied at the product's destination.

A restocking fee of 20 percent may be deducted from the refund of a QMx Artisan product that is returned and has not incurred material damage and is not missing components included in the original shipment. Note that shipping costs may not be refunded.

For a product that has been damaged after delivery, you may be charged an additional restocking fee of either 25 percent or 50 percent of the original purchase price based on the severity of the damage.


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Customer Reviews
So Much Cash, So Much Worth! 9/8/2013
Reviewed by: Danny from United States.
Now this was a crap ton of money, And I had to work and extra 6 hours everyday for a year to eventually get this. But when I got it, I literally fell backward in shock. I quickly ran to my room, getting everything ready. I was so happy when I put it in my Star Trek collection! Best Product Ever!
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